Our Story

How We Started… 
In 1998, my wife Carolyn and I realized our dream of starting a small business by opening the Great Harvest Bread Co. in Burnsville. It has allowed me to work with my hands producing nourishing food while satisfying our longing to own a business that is deeply connected to the local community.

When we opened the bakery we were already serious about food, but working in the bread store taught me so much that Carolyn and I started Old Orchard Farm, a small organic farm on our land, with the idea of growing as much food for ourselves as we could. We began with a simple vegetable garden and hens for eggs. Each year we have expanded and over the last eight years it has become a hobby farm complete with horses, sheep, goats for milk, and pigs. We have also planted an orchard filled with many varieties of perennial fruits including grapes, apples, cherries, pears, currants, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and more. With our life at the farm and our life at the bakery, our interest in food continues to grow and grow.

I still love to get in early with the first bakers before sunrise to begin making the bread for that day. I love that we mill the whole wheat kernels into fresh whole-grain flour and make beautiful bread from scratch without adding anything that isn't natural. Life at the bakery fuels my passion for food and my interest in food fuels my passion for the business. 

Great Bread, Nice People
At Great Harvest Burnsville, we live our passion – and it shows. Our staff is made up of people who not only love hand-crafting and selling the best tasting, best for you bread available, but who love everything to do with food – preparing it, eating it and most of all, sharing it with others.

Each morning at the table while we're rolling out the cinnamon rolls or kneading loaves of fresh bread, we chat about what we made for dinner last night, about the great new thing we plan to try for brunch with our families that weekend. We dream up new breads and sweets to explore, painstakingly testing them until they're ready for your approval. We share recipes and brainstorm ideas for how to make our daily food adventures, both in and out of the bakery, taste better. 

And then we decide how best to share it all with you. 

The energy we generate in this creative community translates directly into how we share our excitement. We take our passion for hard work, lots of fun, superior customer service and great bread to an art form by abiding wholeheartedly to our version of the Great Harvest credo: run fast to help customers, work hard and have fun, use the freshest ingredients available, bake great bread, and give generously to others.

We Are Your Neighborhood Bakers
On any given day, you'll find our customers milling about the store munching on sweet treats or free slices of bread, watching our high-energy bakers at work, collecting recipe cards and chatting with our friendly staff about the best ways to enjoy our products. 

What makes our bread unique? We stone-grind our whole wheat flour every day in our store. Just like fresh ground coffee beans make a better cup of coffee, fresh ground grains of wheat make a better tasting – and better for you! – loaf of bread. For the best whole-wheat taste, it's important to rush flour from the mill to the mixing bowl. Until you taste bread that Fresh, chances are you've never really tasted the true flavor of wheat. 

If it's a special event you're planning for, we can work with you on that. Feeding an office-full for a morning meeting? Need bread bowls for your special dinner? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll help create a solution that best fits your needs. 

And if it's gifts you're looking for, we offer a large selection of beautifully pre-packaged gift items, gift cards, coupons, baskets and gift boxes to make that perfect gift of our fresh bread. We also have gift bags that are FREE with purchase and available every day of the year. 

Come see us. We look forward to sharing our passion for bread with you! 

-Karl and the Great Harvest Crew-


Karl Bouvin, owner, and his wife Carolyn and family.